A series of six online collaborative photo-poem workshops funded by Arts Council of Wales in partnership with Disability Arts Cymru and Ffotogallery. LockDownRenga is run by artists Kate Woodward and David Sinden.

This phase of the LockDownRenga project will be running from August 2020 - February 2021. We are calling for participants who are in the high risk, vulnerable groups due to the COVID19 crisis to take part in this creative, accessible and social project.

                                                                                                   LockDownRenga is a project devised in response to COVID-19 by artists, Kate Woodward and David Sinden.  It has been specifically created to enable high risk or shielding artists and photographers to join with their fellow artists and creatively collaborate. Together we produce elegant, new PhotoRenga poems and find new ways of seeing the world around us - whether it’s the great outdoors or our own four walls!

Anyone with a digital camera, a computer and a good internet connection can take part.  You join 4 or 5 other photographers, poets or artists for a live, one-day workshop that will bring us together as a group online to create new collaborative photo artworks in real time.  It’s challenging, fun and a breath of fresh, creative air when you have been in lock down!
PhotoRenga are visual poems inspired by an ancient form of Japanese poetry in which sequences of short haiku verses construct complex and profound poems. The beauty of the PhotoRenga idea is that any artist can take part in the workshops we run and work together with other participants to create new, joint, shared artworks which directly respond to your collective environments and enable you to see them in new ways.

The workshops last one half or whole day.  To start, everyone takes photographs and chooses one picture to pass on to someone else in the group.  They will do the same for you.  You then use the picture you are given as the starting point for your next photograph, and so on... Chains of images form visual poems or PhotoRenga. There are no fixed starting points, and the PhotoRengas can go in any direction the participants choose.

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